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Haley Lu Richardson says she isn't a workaholic but she's really passionate about her work. Her recent films have proved her to be a convincing actor. She is a girl of dreams and she can relate this to the characters she plays on screen. Sure there were tough times for her but now, she's moving ahead with more and more projects in her hand and now people actually recognize her as an 'actual actor'. To appreciate her contribution to the world of cinema, we have compiled a list of best Haley Lu Richardson movies which you should see.

6 Haley Lu Richardson movies

1. Split (2016)

PG-13 | 117 min | Horror, Thriller

Synopsis: Three girls are kidnapped by a man who has 23 diagnosed personalities. They must escape his custody before the 24th personality arrives in him.

Director: M. Night Shyamalan | Stars: James McAvoy, Anya Taylor-Joy, Haley Lu Richardson, Jessica Sula

2. The Edge of Seventeen (2016)

R | 104 min | Comedy, Drama

Synopsis: High-school life gets even worse for a young girl when her best friend starts dating her older brother.

Director: Kelly Fremon Craig | Stars: Hailee Steinfeld, Haley Lu Richardson, Blake Jenner, Kyra Sedgwick

3. The Bronze (2015)

R | 100 min | Comedy, Drama, Sport

Synopsis: A gymnastic bronze medalist trains an aspiring Olympic young individual.

Director: Bryan Buckley | Stars: Melissa Rauch, Gary Cole, Haley Lu Richardson, Thomas Middleditch

4. Columbus (2017)

100 min | Drama

Synopsis: A film about a man and a young woman who are stuck in Columbia and are not able to pursue their dreams because of their personal commitments.

Director: Kogonada | Stars: John Cho, Haley Lu Richardson, Parker Posey, Michelle Forbes

5. Operation Finale (2018)

PG-13 | 122 min | Biography, Drama, History

Synopsis: A team of secret agents aims to track down the mastermind behind the Holocaust.

Director: Chris Weitz | Stars: Oscar Isaac, Ben Kingsley, Mélanie Laurent, Lior Raz

6. Support the Girls (2018)

R | 90 min | Comedy

Synopsis: A general manager of a sports bar lives with her incurable faith and trust in her customers, her girls and herself when the going gets tough for them during a hard day.

Director: Andrew Bujalski | Stars: Regina Hall, Haley Lu Richardson, Dylan Gelula, Zoe Graham

So this is the list of best Haley Lu Richardson films which shouldn't be missed.

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